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Susan Mulholland is an interior designer with a passion for sustainable design practices in all of her work. She studied interior design at Northern Arizona University and is an NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) certificate holder. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, her experience in a variety of commercial and residential spaces, including healthcare, senior living, hospitality and corporate design has given her a greater appreciation of how everyone regardless of age or ability, interact in all types of interior environments.

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Design collaboration is not design by committee

Design collaboration is a wonderful solution when a project involves multiple spaces or parts, especially since working with other designers can be so enriching. Bouncing ideas off of one another to boost creativity and form a more cohesive and functional design plan is a great way to expand your horizons and start to think outside of the box. Read Full Article

New year, new possibilities for designers

2018 means a new year with new possibilities! This extends to life choices, mindsets, and even as far as in your career. As far as design goes, inspiration is everywhere and this year has abundant opportunities to find it! Learn more in my latest blog: Read Full Article

The silence is finally broken: Harassment is not OK

Numerous sexual harassment allegations may have just hit news headlines, but in reality, this spread of using one's influence over another in the workplace for misconduct can be found in any work environment. Communicating without fear and reflecting on why this has been spreading in even the design community is important to putting an end to it. Read Full Article

Human talent for creativity can’t be replaced by a computer

Even with modern advancements in technology and computers, human creativity is still a crucial aspect of design work. It's important to cherish the talent and creative spirit behind what designers and other artistic professionals do! Read Full Article

Project management: A key component to successful design

Project management may seem like a job all to itself, but the reality is, it's a title many designers live up to. All of the daily multi-tasking and direction between various people needed to bring together when creating a space is project management at its finest. Read Full Article

Why we must all use evidence-based design in all types of projects

Interior design has become more than selecting the right furniture and creating a look. Designers need to find more ways to make the lives of those who use the interior space better. Evidence-based design gives us more tools and information to help our clients see the why within our design decisions. Read Full Article

Summer is ending – time to get back to work

For some in the design business Summer is a slow time, which gives us the opportunity to not only getaway but to decompress. As a designer, I utilize this time of year to reorganize my workspace, take a family vacation and reignite my creativity if needed. Read Full Article

Create healthier interiors using evidence-based design

Our lives seem to always be going in a million different directions, and in today’s technology driven world it’s becoming more and more difficult to literally unplug and focus on self-care. As a designer, I take into consideration the research that’s been done in regard to health and wellness and the influence a well-designed interior space can have on its occupants. Read Full Article

Why climate change is personal for interior designers

As interior designers, the choices we make for our spaces can go a long way towards our well-being. When we make sustainable choices, we're choosing a better quality of life for those inside and outside our buildings. Read Full Article

Interior designers should not fear selling

Let's talk about something many in the interior design industry consider nasty -- sales. While it may seem like a bad idea, you're already working in sales whenever you go out on the job. Try to consider sales as a way of opening more doors, as opposed to a bad word. Read Full Article

Volunteer your talents: How design can make a positive impact

Volunteering is a wonderful, way to share your gifts with the world. As an interior designer, it may take some convincing but let me explain to you how your design skills can truly make a difference. It's my belief that everyone should have a clean, accessible, and helpful environment to live and work in-- designers can help to spread the word through their volunteer efforts that good design matters. Read Full Article

Impressions on designing for senior living

Aging brings new demands for a living space, from simple accessibility needs to safety concerns. When designing for senior living spaces, these aspects need to be considered, however, what it means to age is always evolving. When working on designs for senior living, remember as generations change, so do their idea of aging well. Planning for the upcoming year can be a difficult task, whether for your personal and professional life. How do you tackle such a big project? Well, consider thinking like a designer. Let me explain how! Read Full Article

Think like a designer when planning the year ahead

Planning for the upcoming year can be a difficult task, whether for your personal and professional life. How do you tackle such a big project? Well, consider thinking like a designer. Let me explain how! Read Full Article

Why stress is causing interior designers to leave the profession

Stress affects everyone-- between work, personal life, and other various demands, it can be hard to work through what can easily turn into a funk or even more serious depression. If you're in the design industry, it's possible that you know many people who've suffered from burnout or worse due to stress and left the industry. Let's consider why the stress is so difficult for interior designers. Read Full Article

Are you an interior decorator or an interior designer?

Do you know the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer? Not many people do; even in our own industry. The truth is, almost every professional designer is a little bit of both. It takes an understanding of the subtleties of both good decoration and design to know the difference. Read Full Article

Why designers should use the Principles of Universal Design

Have you ever considered how other people interact with within an interior space? You may be used to and comfortable in a room, but see someone else find some part of it difficult or weird. Even if you have no difficulty normally, someone else may find some obstacles in the way a space is set up, in a way you'd never thought of. That's why when working, interior designers should consider the principles of universal design to create an interior space that is inclusive-regardless of age or ability. Read Full Article

How can we make sustainable design an unconscious effort?

Talking about sustainability as something innovative isn’t news for most architects and designers. For them, it's about making ethical choices. Choosing the right materials, that are environmentally sound building options and creating designs that reflect our commitment to a healthy environment, is the choice all of us should make. Making it effortless is the key... Read Full Article

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