We provide our industry partners with the knowledge they need to help their clients get the best for their interior space. With over 25 years working in the interior design industry, we have seen, heard and witnessed all the best and worst-case scenarios when it comes to working with an interior designer.

The knowledge we have comes from what we have learned from our best teachers-- our clients. We know that client satisfaction is what makes a design firm successful, not a highly-polished portfolio or long client list. We work on each individual project from start to finish to ensure that the client’s expectations are being met and if they are not, we do everything within our scope of work to make sure that the client is happy. Being a design team member and consultant for developers, architects, and contractors as well as the client, we make ourselves available to answer any questions, provide expertise in areas of interior finishes, flooring, furniture, lighting, and artwork.

We also provide manufacturers insights into the needs of end users so that they can develop products that are in demand in the market place. Our consultation packages can be tailored to meet your needs no matter the size of the project. Our passion is creating a well-design interior environment that is sustainable, accessible and meets the requirements of any budget large or small.

Because we know that not all projects need the services of a full-scale interior design firm, we offer consulting services that focus on our expertise in areas of color, wall treatments, lighting and most importantly, providing expertise on appropriate finishes including flooring that meet the needs of specialty interiors. The art of good design is creating a one-of-a-kind space, the skill is having the expertise to make it happen.



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