Patient centric care needs patient centric design solutions, and holistic approach is what interior design is all about for healthcare interiors. All types of healthcare, from private practice to intercity urban hospitals, need to have interiors that function well and are designed for healing. The design complexity of creating these spaces requires an understanding of how healthcare is delivered and received.

We take the time to understand what our clients are doing, how they do it and why so that we can provide for them the best possible interior design solution for what they do best; helping people heal. Pediatric to geriatric patients require specialized care as well as interiors spaces that help them to feel comfortable, safe and stress-free. To accomplish this, the interior design needs to take into consideration what materials are used, as well as providing accessibility and ease of wayfinding.

Creating healthy interiors requires a deeper understanding of finishes, furnishings and lighting requirements specific to healthcare interiors. Working with architects and other design professionals, our goal is to create interiors that provide the highest level of functional space for both the medical staff, the administrative staff, but most importantly the patient. Because healthcare interior design can be more complex than any other type of interior design, the focus needs to be placed on creating appropriate specifications for all finishes furniture and equipment to ensure that value engineering occurs during the design and specification phase instead of during purchasing and construction.

We understand that the environment, especially the interiors, are integral to the healing process. Infection control, ease of use, and cleaning, as well as overall maintenance, is critical to having an exceptional healing environment. Healthcare is changing and as the landscape of hospitals, urgent care, and private doctor’s practices evolve, so do the design of the interiors to enhance healing and well-being.



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