Senior Living

We know that senior living communities are very diversified and that no property or community is the same. As our aging population is growing younger, not older, we need to address the aesthetic concerns of a different generation. Providing interiors that meet the needs of the next generation of seniors will require a unique set of knowledge that includes incorporating multiple aspects of technology, flexibility, and affordability.

Well-planned and well-designed communities that meet the needs of this next group of seniors will be successful. Creating these new and exciting interiors is our passion! For the past 17 years we have focused our design work on making every project we do whether it is a corporate office or restaurant senior friendly and accessible. We understand that many people are not ready to move into a senior living community but remaining independent for as long as they can will make the transition easier.

As more and more communities are facing the challenges of providing a satisfying living environment for their current residents, they are also looking to the future. As an interior designer who has seen many types of design scenarios for senior communities, no one size, shape or list of amenities fits all. We pride ourselves on seeing each individual project as an opportunity to create an environment that's unique to that geographic location and culture. No matter the size of the project- whether that be to update an existing community or create a brand new one- we take the time needed to understand the owner, operator and resident needs. We focus our attention on all the details of the project from concept design to the final walk through. We use our knowledge from healthcare, hospitality, multifamily and corporate design to create interiors for all areas of your community.

Our focus is to use the most appropriate finishes, furnishings, and artwork to create comfortable homes that promote wellness and quality of life for independent, memory and nursing care.



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